Data Services

With wide recognition as being the core element powering audience-centered enterprise initiatives, data continues to be of primary importance to businesses. Security and access to data across platforms is not just a need, but also a make-or-break for strategies and critical processes.


The digital ecosystem today is evolving to accommodate large, integrated businesses as well as small focused marketers. The solutions have to be varied according to the need and can range from complex executions to customized offerings. Irrespective of the kind of framework, data plays a crucial role in providing macro as well micro level insights required for customer engagement and advertising.

Data Management

Data Architecture & Modeling: Full fledged experience in modeling, strategizing data sizing & storage, data flow analysis, infrastructure setup and compliance enabling. Master Data Management: Hierarchy mapping when integrating with various third-party data sources, integration with existing business systems, data quality improvements and optimization. Meta Data Driven Models: Meta data driven dynamic data profiling and loading architectures. Data Quality and Profiling:  In-house built Data Quality framework which includes measurability of quality and fidelity at source and each transformation steps. Data Governance: Synechron helps to create and implement data governance strategies around change control, data security, integration-abilities needed to manage data efficiently and effectively.

Data Integration

Data Warehouse implementation: System analysis, ETL strategy and implementation to various layers like staging, ODS, Data Marts etc with a wide array of platforms. Extensive experience and capability in optimization & scaling of these applications. Data Migration & Integration:  System analysis, cross-platform migration, version upgrades, integration of various arbitrary data sources to achieve data as a service. Cloud Data Integration: Integration with cloud data sources like Salesforce, Amazon EC2, Google, BigTable, etc. Big Data Integration: Using Distributed computing like Hadoop, Datasynpse, etc. Appliances like Netezza, Terradata, Vertica etc. NOSQL databases like mongodb, Cassandra, and greenplum, etc.

Data Delivery

Information Delivery:  BI reporting, development of frameworks and reports. Synechron has extensive expertise on custom tools as well as a wide array of reporting platforms. Cube Analytics: Drill downs, Slicing/Dicing, Custom interactive reports, Data Visualizations. Ad-hoc Browsing: Power users  (Thick/Thin clients) -  Using tool stacks like Spot-fire, Micro-strategy, Tableau , Excel, SharePoint , Power-Pivot All users (thin clients) – Using tool stacks like MSBI, BO, Cognos, Micro-strategy, Pentaho. Enterprise reporting: Dashboards and scorecards, portal integration, mobile reporting. Data Mining: Pattern identification, classification, etc. Analytics: Statistical Modeling, machine learning and predictive reporting. Full array of testing around model testing, sampling.