Online Advertising Technology

Ad Networks and Exchanges are transforming the way media is traded. The world of online advertising is forever evolving, and there’s always some new technology powering the transition; enabling better ways of connecting with the audience and measuring returns on investments.


Ad Networks and Exchanges are transforming the way media is traded. The world of online advertising is forever evolving, and there’s always some new technology powering the transition; enabling better ways of connecting with the audience and measuring returns on investments. There are a plethora of technology platforms and service providers in the online advertising ecosystem including Selling Side Platforms (SSPs), Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), data aggregators, analytics providers, ad exchanges, ad networks, mobile ad networks and social media entities. The advanced technology ecosystem enables advertisers to devise and execute the most relevant marketing campaigns. Technology does play a decisive role; however, sometimes it may get cumbersome to manage the complexities involved. To deliver the right message to the targeted audience in the desired manner, it would require advertisers to have deeper customer insights, devise high-end targeting strategies, and utilize cutting edge technology tools. 

Campaign Management Tools

We provide comprehensive campaign management solutions that will enable you to plan, review and execute campaigns to improve commercial effectiveness and efficiency. We’ve developed platforms that integrate with various third-party Publisher systems, and with the ability to distribute the Advertising spend over various networks and track back the performance from the Ad systems. The platforms we’ve built integrate with leading Ad delivery Publisher Systems and support more than 1,20,000 cumulative campaign runs over last one year.

Real time bidding Components

In recent years, an entirely new paradigm called real-time bidding (RTB) is changing the dynamics of online marketing. In much the same way as high-frequency trading has infused the power big data into financial markets, enabling algorithm processes to replace individual broker transactions for reaping maximum benefits from every market fluctuation, RTB has created a space where supply and demand balance is maintained through algorithmic systems. This evolution from the traditional setup has enabled businesses to get better returns and online space to derive maximum efficiency and transparency.

Insertion Order Management

We enable our clients to improve the speed and efficiency of sales-to-cash processes, increase cash flow rapidly, and ensure improved and simplified interactions with end-customers. We do it by automating the entire insertion order process - from lead generation to sales and advertiser invoicing. This reduces manual tasks, streamlines complex processes and helps track performance across media.

Inventory Management

We have expertise in building IM tools to perform historical analysis of past performance and use that information to forecast expected performance of sites. IM consists of two primary pieces: The first piece forecasts computations and loads the forecasting Databases. The second piece queries these Databases to present various views of the forecast data through the user interface. Forecasting of data based on different algorithms based on user selection such as Uniform Growth, Day of week growth, Flat average, etc. We also provide detailed reports to display inventory across different entities such as campaigns, sites, pages sections, etc.

Advanced Campaign Targeting Reporting Framework/Dashboards

Combining our technology expertise with our extensive web-design capabilities, we design and architect Campaign Management tools. New functionalities which are core part of the media business can be incorporated, while also rendering a new look-feel of any existing products in use. We also develop interactive dashboards, as part of additional functionality to access different important statistical information such as top-delivering campaigns, under-delivery campaigns, sites etc.

Segment/Behavioral Targeting

We develop segment builders that allow Ad-Traffickers to create different segments based on the user information collected and use these segments for campaign targeting, thus facilitating segment/behavioral targeting. A segment can be created for each advertiser and defined based on exposure and responder elements such as site, creative, convertors etc. Thus campaigns can now be targeted to the specific audience. The segment reach is calculated based on the look-back window provided while defining the segment.

Log Processing and Conversion Processing

We design and architect systems capable of processing millions of log lines. Some highlights include: Scalable System capable to support increasing number of log lines without affecting performance, pre-defined processing timeframe of 6 hours, re-processing from the point of failure in case of system crash, correct attribution of a conversion to the latest click or impression, work with heterogeneous databases. We also provide various reports including conversion summary and detailed report, post impression and click event details, post conversion detail report.

Ad Operations/Trafficking

We provide end-to-end services covering the Ad Operations lifecycle. Some of our service highlights include Trafficking Display; Mobile, Search & Affiliate campaigns; Post conversion tags (Floodlight, UAT) implementation; Creative QA, implementation & optimization; Troubleshooting any tracking issues; Monitoring campaign delivery & optimization; Daily, Weekly, Monthly reporting with analysis & insights; Urgent trafficking fulfillment.

Ad Lifecycle Management

We provide end-to-end solutions for the entire ad lifecycle for digital advertising delivery networks. Our solutions encompass the full ad cycle - from booking to distribution, billing and finally monitoring. As a part of the larger solution stack, we design web applications, client server, business intelligence and support solutions. These applications cater to different gamut of activities that allow the end-user to deliver a specific spot to the different destinations. The activities involve capturing of the information, a B2B process that is responsible for the distribution of the spot to the station through internet or satellite. Apart from the applications that facilitate the workflow of placing to processing an order, we also build and implement billing/invoicing applications that facilitate clients to bill their customers under different billing models.