Web Development and Mobile Development Process

We do it the right way

Our process creates an environment for sharing ideas to deliver what your customers and teams really want and need — the right solution anytime, anywhere, on any device. Together we identify risks, align expectations, plan for subsequent phases, and begin user experience design and technical definition processes.


At the onset, our teams believe in creating a solid foundation and collaboratively incorporate groundwork before starting any project. We explore the digital business ecosystem in order to identify the strategic connections.

The analysis provides us the knowledge to identify risks and align expectations, which enables us to plan for subsequent phases, wherein we commence with the technical definition process and plan the user experience design.


  • Information Architecture

    We focus on analyzing content to re-organize, re-structure and labeling content in an effective way. It helps users to find information and complete tasks.

  • Competitive Analysis

    By doing competitive analysis, we try to establish what makes your product or service unique through evaluating competitors on the basis of different criteria.

  • Usability Testing

    We are habituated of evaluating our products by testing them with end-users and using other evaluation methods. Earlier we identify the issues, less expensive are the fixes.


  • Site Map / User Flow
  • User Persona / Scenario
  • Competitive UX Audit


In this phase, we create a blueprint of the architecture, based on our understanding to design, develop, and deploy the solution. Throughout the development process, we employ a continual responsive development framework that allows flexibility and transparency.

Our aim is to develop a feasible product that can be adjusted throughout the development phase.



    We create products/solutions that are visually engaging. Once we get the sign off in wireframes, our visual designers start implementing their creative magic on it.

  • Development / Integration

    We use a robust framework to ensure the project has standardized code and reusable elements. We also provide plug & play modules to enhance the development cycle.

  • Testing

    This involves UI testing, functionality testing, resolution testing, cross browser compatibility testing, scalability testing, and performance testing. After the scope is identified, we prepare comprehensive test cases for testing.


  • Wireframes / Design Mockups
  • Source code
  • Issue Reports


In this phase, we move our projects one step closer to the tangible work. From the development environment, we shift to production server and hand over the deliverables to the business. We also provide a complete range of post-production support options.


  • Release

    The production activities, staging deployment / deploy on web servers, app store, android market, windows store, etc.

  • Sign-Off

    Deploy the new system within the client’s test and production environments. Hand over technical and training documents.

  • Support

    Testing of performance integration and user acceptance. If required, our onsite team will help to monitor the situation and make required adjustments.


  • Release Note /
    Production Server
  • Code based
    Technical documents
  • Post-Production