Remote Infrastructure Management

The IT value to an organization has become more complicated. The global marketplace requires flexibility, operational efficiency, performance and sustainable ways to reduce costs. IT solutions, infrastructure and the delivery management require customization and service oriented innovative thinking.


Our Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) & Support services provide organizations with scalable solutions and the flexibility to adapt to their business focus. We offer expanded teams, services and systems through our 24x7 Global Delivery Center. People may sleep, but our services don’t. Our customers have the ability to securely and virtually access Application Support, Server Management and Helpdesk Operations. 

Database Operations Support

Database Management services encompass the maintenance of various databases & backups, taking care of database related issues like verifying the hot backups, extending tablespaces as and when required and carrying out database purges. We have extensive experience and expertise in providing database management support for multiple systems and environments

Application Support

Our Application Support teams enable clients to focus on their core tasks by providing remote support for all key applications on a 24x7 basis via its Global Delivery Model. Our teams offer basic Level-1 support to Level-3 technical support and take proactive measures to ensure smooth, error-free functioning of all applications, by addressing the client requirements after a thorough study of their existing processes and systems, minimizing all the risks associated with an ad-hoc solution.

Windows/Linux Environment Support

We’re well-versed in the remote management of both Windows & Linux (Open Source) based environments and servers. Our highly efficient server support team provides this multi-platform support through - Operating System Administration, Performance Monitoring of Servers, Backup Management, Version Management (Upgrade & Patch Management), Client Solution Architectures.

Network and IT Security Operations Support

Our Remote Infrastructure Management services also cater to our clients' network administration needs. We remotely operate and manage entire networks, including all devices such as routers, Firewalls, IP Telephony, VLANs, and VPNs etc. Synechron also enables clients increase the efficiency of their network infrastructure by formulating security policies to reduce network outages, improve throughput and optimize resource investments.

Service Desk Operations

We offer a multi-platform based (voice, email, web and chat based) technical support desk to address any issues raised by our clients or by their end customers. By transitioning the helpdesk operations to our offshore center, we help clients realize tremendous cost and 24x7 productivity benefits. Some of the common Service Desk operations performed include monitoring and managing helpdesk tickets, escalations around the clock and giving real-time solutions to the same.

Release/Change Management

Our Release/Change Management solutions ensure that all client processes are compliant with ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) & ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) standards. The Release Management process documents in detail any change initiated to the clients' infrastructure, right from the initiation of critical software/hardware rollouts to the completion of any other system related activity. The Release Policy document also contains a Backout/Fallback plan which can be implemented in case of any contingencies.

Application and Performance Monitoring

We extend our remote monitoring service to packaged as well as custom-built applications and systems, providing several high-end services with basic Level-1 support that significantly reduce the possibility of any errors or downtime in the clients' applications.

ETL Environment Support

To streamline their operations and increase overall business efficiency, an increasing number of organizations are adopting well planned out Data Warehousing solutions. Our ETL support team enables clients to realize greater benefits from the DW investment by remotely managing and processing the required data without the additional cost of hiring and training new resources. By fetching data from disparate sources using various standardized tools, processing the data to make it compatible to the client's end format, and then completing the cycle by finally loading the data into the data warehouse, the ETL team provides a comprehensive solution to the clients' DW needs.

Storage and Backup Support

We possess the necessary expertise and experience in data storage and backup solutions that encompass a range of service offerings including storage and backup monitoring, system integration for enterprise storage area networks, disaster recovery & business continuity planning, and designing and deploying SAN/NAS solution architectures.