Rich Media

A photograph is worth a thousand words – which makes rich media equivalent to a dictionary. Rich media helps in delivering the message to your target audience in an efficient way. Our development team delivers the best in class interactive solutions tailor made for your requirements. These solutions are not just browser compliant, but also run seamlessly across platforms.


We have extensive experience in implementing various technologies and an in-depth understanding of the finer nuances of all aspects of rich media to best fit client's business needs. We possess hands-on experience in designing micro sites using various rich media features. We call ourselves the cognoscenti of promotional rich media content development because we are adept in designing and developing interactive games, e-cards, 3D product modeling for web and interactive tours, character and architecture modeling. We have developed multilingual E-learning modules which are popular amongst the users due to its attention-grabbing appearance and user friendly functions. We also provide various services under Rich Internet Applications (RIA), such as application/ dashboard development, motion graphics development such as video and movie clip development, editing and so on.

Banner Campaigns

Rich media banner ads help in grabbing eyeballs and instantly connect with the target audience. Interactive banners (part of rich media banners) come with the gamification element, resulting into action and lead generation most of the time. Not only do we offer enhanced animation, but also add video and music elements to enhance user experience. We collaborate with major campaign management solutions such as EyeBlaster and TangoZebra to provide you with multiple options. This helps in building an efficient plan with options for traffic generation and measurement.

Promotional Rich Media content development

Engaging Rich Media content is an essential part of any successful modern marketing campaign. Whether a promotional video on YouTube, a Flash banner advertisement on a blog, or a tailor-made iPhone App; content type and quality makes a difference. Our services here include design and development of micro sites using Rich Media features, Interactive Game Development, E-Card Design and development.


Learning has become fun ever since the emergence of rich media. Media rich content such as images, videos, flash, etc. are now being used in training material, web content and even technical documents. Information that contains rich media increases learning pace, reduces dependency on support resources and makes the user self sufficient. Our Rich Media services include end-to-end development of content, translation/localization of language and even production support - all this with a single point of contact, which makes the process quick and hassle free.

RIA Development

We have extensive experience in the design and development of Rich Interactive Applications. We have developed rich, powerful business & consumer applications for brands/enterprises spanning industries such as Financial services, Insurance, Automotive, Healthcare and Media. Some of our core competencies in this segment include Application/Dashboard Development - solution includes engaging interactive visualizations by offering custom, interactive and personalized dashboards that form vital components of the enterprise business functions.

Motion Graphics Development

Motion graphics is an exciting and interesting media that engages the user. Capture your clients’ imagination with exciting quality motion graphics. Our services in this space include 3D Product Modeling for Web and Interactive Tours, Character/Architecture Modeling, Video Editing and Movie clip development. With the help of motion graphics, businesses can now express the brand through their promotional material. In addition to print and web campaigns, they now have the option to place their messages across multiple channels.