Visual & Functional QA

We offer distinguished QA services and solutions with comprehensive and reliable testing processes for our customers while adhering to the highest quality of testing standards.


We have 900+ quality assurance testing experts with varied skills in White box, Web Services, Functional, Automation, and Performance testing using a variety of test tools. These skills, coupled with our domain expertise in the Digital space spanning over a decade, provide us with a cutting edge and hence benefit our customers. We leverage the latest quality assurance testing technologies; build upon an approach through tool analysis and proof of concept, imbibe best industry practices and hence provide solutions of the highest standards to the customers.


For QA Processes & QA Governance, we follow the in-house maturity practice – Structured Project Execution & Engineering Discipline (SPEED) to ensure assimilation of best practices across the organization for all phases of SDLC. We help our clients through Process definition, Artifacts, Templates and Matrix.


Our expert QA automation team utilizes its deep technical and domain expertise to devise an automation strategy that reduces overall testing cycle durations as well as overall cost of maintenance of test automation assets. We enable this through our in-house CoE developed Accelerators & Frameworks, and add value to the process at large through our Centralized Execution and Live Monitoring & Reporting Tools.


Our mobile application testing tools are conceptualized keeping in mind the lifecycle development of software that is planned to be utilized. These tools check the app’s compatibility across various OS platforms and functionalities. Our team of experts can integrate new processes to your existing testing tools, which makes the testing process quick and easy. We understand that mobile app testing is very similar to aircraft testing – a single bug left undetected can cause a lot of damage to the business. We apply our expertise and custom techniques to identify coding issues, hidden bugs, and complexities with the potential to negatively impact the application’s robustness in the long run.


We have expertise not only in the traditional testing contexts, but also in various other testing practices. Specialized expert teams work on specific testing areas such that the given application under test (AUT) with the appropriate test approach form the best fit to client. Services include Risk-based, Behavior, Model-Based and Cloud, Network and Security Testing.


Our QA teams adopt a holistic approach towards testing, encompassing all aspects of the system - Functional, GUI, Regression, Usability Testing, E2E, Database, ETL & Compatibility Testing.


We offer a full range of performance testing services. Our team has the expertise to comprehend the entire system behavior when exposed to real time stress conditions. While doing this, we analyze the failures and understand the catastrophic slowdowns or those that affect the productivity of the system. We also pursue a consultative approach catering to the business needs of the customer. Our expertise here spans Performance Design, Prediction, Testing, Monitoring & Diagnosis. Load, Failover, Soak, Stress, Performance, Network & Volume.


With our domain focused and customer centric approach, we reduce the time needed to comprehend business functionality. With over 10 years of expertise in varied domains, our teams include experts in the various domains that we service. To further enhance the skills of our personnel, the QA-CoE acts in tandem with our business vertical CoEs, to continually drive domain knowledge training sessions and workshops. Our expertise spans Capital Market, Mortgage Banking, Insurance, Digital Media & Technology.


With our comprehensive range of testing services, we ensure that ample thought is given to structuring an approach featuring best strategies, processes and metrics. The QA experts act as advisors and consultants to design frameworks that facilitate alignment of testing services with the business objectives. Our QA team consists of experts with diverse technical and domain proficiencies. Core components include Portfolio Analysis, Strategy, and Planning & Management, Tool Selections, Optimization, Trainings & Certifications.